Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wedding Day Fun!

Our kiddos got the privilege of being a ring bearer and a flower girl last night in their cousin Tara's wedding! I took way too many photos to try and sort them here in any enjoy our wedding day photo DUMP!
My cuties all ready for their BIG (and long) day!

Kaelyn and Maddie with Tara :) 

Kaelyn, Maddie and Lauren. 

Kaelyn and Maddie did so well taking photos with all the bridesmaids. All those MaeliRose photoshoots sure paid off!

The bride and groom didn't see each other until the ceremony so that meant mommy went with Kiki for the pre-wedding photos and daddy went with Brennan (therefore there are much fewer pics of my handsome boy) From Left to right. Micah, Brennan, Parker, Conner and Ara.

Little stud muffins.

After the pre-ceremony pics it was time to preform their duties! All lined up and looking VERY nervous.

They walked first, followed by my niece and nephew. Brennan was carrying both ring boxes inside this treasure box that he delivered to the Maid of Honor and Best Man. 

Doing their thing...

Then came the rest of the crew. Cousin Ara was a tad nervous in front of all those people!

We took some family pics after the ceremony while the kids waited for the wedding photographer to call on them!

Kiki and Maddie were so excited to see Miss Carrie and Miss Ali who designed their beautiful MaeLi Rose flower girl dresses!

Daddy's little girl. Someday he'll be giving her away.

I just love these next few of Kaelyn. By this time Kiki was tired and hungry. No time for a nap when you're part of the wedding party!

I was capturing the pouty princess but then she perked up and smiled for me instead. 

Then it was their turn with the bride and groom before heading off to the reception!

The grandpas and their handsome grandson. Christian (in the blue tie) was our ring bearer 13 years ago!

Ready to par-tay!

These boys rocked it out!

Kiki dancing with the bride. She loves Tara and her sister Lauren (who was our flower girl)

It's after 10pm and they are still going strong!

Kaelyn finished off her night dancing with cousin Lauren. She was too tired to stand so Lauren carried her.

The kids hung tight till 11pm. Then crashed on air mattresses in our hotel room. Kaelyn was so tired she rolled off her mattress onto the hard hotel room floor and never even woke up! We love you Tara and Bryan and were so happy to be a part of your special day!

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